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The College conducts courses across south western Sydney. It is a community based non-profit organisation providing open access for adults (15+) to educational opportunities, utilising facilities in local schools. We offer affordable short courses to enhance work skills or personal skills and interests.


Fees cover tuition and course notes (where provided). Concessions available. Fees include GST except where indicated as being GST Free. Materials are an additional cost and should not be purchased until you receive confirmation that the course is running.

Concessions & Discounts

Concessions are available to full beneficiaries of Centrelink Aged, Carers, Sole Parent and Disability Support Pensions, Parenting Allowance, Sickness and Unemployment Benefits; and to Seniors Card holders (NSW & National Seniors). Concessions and claims for discounts can be claimed only at the time of enrolment, by writing the concession number or claim reference on the enrolment form and signing it. Documents must be produced upon request, or the full fee will be payable. Concessions available except where "No Concession" appears. Concession fee is $30 off the published fee. Concessions not available online. Companions of a person with a disability may enrol free of charge where the companion enables that person to participate in a course. The companion's enrolment details are required.

Online Learning

Online learning enables you to complete qualifications at home or work, at your own pace in your own time.


College membership is $5.50 (incl GST) yearly. Membership enables you to vote in College Council Elections and have a say in how the College is run. Add $5.50 (incl GST) to the course fee and tick "membership" on the enrolment form. Membership may be taken out at any time and is for four terms.


Certificates are issued at the request and discretion of the tutor, subject to attendance and participation. Certificates which are not collected will be destroyed. Replacement certificates/transcripts $12 (incl GST) each, or $24 (incl GST) each if the course was conducted more than 12 months ago.

Course Attendance

Children, relatives and friends cannot be on College premises or in classrooms while participants are attending courses. No smoking on school grounds. Mobile phones should be switched off during class.

Course Changes

If the College has to change how a course is delivered, new arrangements will be negotiated.


A receipt/confirmation will be posted or emailed within three working days from receipt of enrolment. If you provided an email address, confirmation will be by email only. If confirmation is not received within four days of enrolment, contact the College office. Final confirmation is your responsibility. Duplicates are not issued.

Got a Hotmail address?

Some participants do not receive their receipt/confirmation emails. Please add our email address "enquiry@macarthurcc.com.au" to your address book.

Parking & Venues

Limited parking is available at most venues. Please be considerate when parking. The College does not accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury.

Enrol now and avoid disappointment

Enrol early and avoid disappointment! Course numbers are limited. Participants must be registered before attending courses. Enrolments received after the Wednesday before term starts will be accepted subject to availability. Registrations must be received at the by close of business on the Friday before term starts.


If you are unable to attend a session, please phone your apologies to our office before 5pm if possible.

Mailing Lists

The College does not sell or give mailing lists to other organisations. Brochures are sent to current and previously enrolled participants for up to four terms after the last completed course.

Thank you

The College wishes to acknowledge the support of the schools in which courses are conducted. Dept of Education & Training policy and the co-operation of schools make the program possible.

Bank Charges

A charge of $27.50 (inc GST) is payable on any cheque that is dishonoured, stopped or re-presented; or incorrect credit card numbers. If a problem arises, call the College office.

Protecting Your Privacy

Information, including that submitted on enrolment forms, is used by Macarthur Community College or other authorised organisations for administration, communication, State and National reporting, program monitoring and evaluation. Information is disclosed to the National Centre for Vocational Education and Research (NCVER) and is necessary when enrolling and re-enrolling. Information will be held securely and disposed of securely. Participants may access their personal information by contacting the College office.


The College reserves the right to alter the program. If a course is cancelled you will receive a refund as soon as possible; by cheque or credit to your credit card account. If a course is full, you will be offered an alternative course, an advance booking for the next term, or a refund. If you are not satisfied with a course we will refund your tuition. Refer to "course quality and suitability". Refunds will not otherwise be given. We cannot accept responsibility for changes in personal or work circumstances. The College does not accept "conditional enrolments" and will deal with the enrolled participant only.. A "No Refunds Policy" applies to all online courses once you have been issued with your user name and password/, whether you have accessed the system or not. All requests for refunds must be in writing. Refunds will not be given unless received 14 days prior to course commencement. A $27.50 (incl GST) administration fee will be charged for all cancellations.


Transfers are not possible after the second session of a course. Transfers from one term to another are possible, but not automatic, upon written application to the College and are subject to an administration fee ($11 incl GST).

Course Quality & Suitability

The College is confident you will be pleased with your course and that it will be conducted as advertised. Tutors are selected, trained, skilled, qualified and aware of the needs of participants. If there is a problem, speak to the Tutor and/or the Co-ordinator first. If your problem remains unsolved, or you do not feel comfortable, call the College office and discuss the matter with our friendly staff. We will refund your tuition fees in full, and ask that you complete an evaluation form to help us improve. Evaluation forms are available from the College office. Please refer to the statement on Refunds.

After Hours Phone Number

An after office hours telephone service to assist you in any urgent matter relating to your course. It operates after hours, including weekends. The number is on the Course Confirmation. Usually someone who can help immediately will answer. Or leave a message which will be acted on as soon as possible.


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