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Smart and Skilled & Community Service Obligation (CSO)

New South Wales Government Subsidised Training.

To be eligible you must be:

  • An Australian citizen, permanent resident or humanitarian visa holder, or New Zealand citizen, and
  • Aged 15 years or older
  • Not at school (except young people at school at risk of not making a successful transition to further training or work)
  • Living or working in NSW

If you meet the above criteria, then training subsidised by the NSW Government may be available in some specific courses if you fall into any of the categories listed below:

  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders
  • People with a disability
  • Long term unemployed
  • Low income students receiving commonwealth welfare and their dependants
  • Young people (15 to 17 years of age) who are at risk of not making a successful transition from school to further training or work
  • Migrants/refugees who are unemployed or underemployed
  • People with other barriers to Smart and Skilled entitlement

We encourage you to complete the MCC CSO initial assessment form to see if you may qualify.

Initially, available programs include: Certificate II in Business,Certificate in General Education for Adults (language, literacy and numeracy) and Certificate III in Early Childhood and Care.

Documentary evidence will be required to prove eligibility such as Commonwealth Benefits Card. For other types of evidence, please call our office on 02 9826 6455.

Call us on 9826 6455 or visit the Smart and Skilled website for more information or to check your eligibility.

ACE CSO Fact Sheet 152 kB pdf

Smart and Skilled Community Service Obligation Student Information

  1. Macarthur Community College Inc (RTO 6860) has funds available for subsidised training (conditions apply) under a contract with the government. This training is subsidised by the NSW government. It is for people who have recognised barriers to learning who would therefore have difficulty successfully completing a full qualification at say, TAFE or another private provider.
  2. Training covered: The subsidy is available specifically for Nationally recognised training in part qualifications (maximum 50% of the qualification).
  3. Eligibility: Is subject to your meeting certain conditions. To help us to determine your eligibility and your fee, we ask you to complete an enrolment form (click here) and call us on 9826 6455 to complete an eligibility check with our staff.
  4. Fee: We will check whether you are eligible or not based on your personal circumstances and calculate the fee you will be required to pay (if any) and advise you accordingly. The training is NOT FREE for everyone and most people are required to pay a contribution towards the cost of their training. Call us to calculate your fee.
  5. Consent: We will require you to sign a consent form (below) declaring that you agree to information being given to the government for reporting purposes. Consent to use and Disclosure of Information 57kB
  6. Evidence: We may need further documentary evidence from you, for example, proof of receipt of government allowances, letter from a doctor, etc. We are required to check eligibility, obtain evidence and retain it as proof that you are entitled to have your training subsidised by the NSW government.
  7. Unique Student Identifier: You will need to obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number. Visit www.usi.gov.au for more information, or you can ask us to help you do it or even do it for you. Please just ask.
  8. What now? Once eligibility and fees have been determined and you sign the consent form and agree to obtaining a USI, we will enrol you. You then pay your fees (if any) and commence your training. Payment plans are available upon request.
  9. Support and assistance: If you feel you need further support and assistance, please advise the enrolment staff or Program Manager so they can assist you. We can offer additional services as required within reason and make reasonable adjustments to materials and assessments.

Please contact us at the office for assistance and advice and for answers to any questions you may have. Phone: 9826 6455 or Email: enquiry@macarthurcc.com.au

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection ensures there are measures for students and potential students (consumers) to ensure that they are well informed of their rights and given a clear avenue for complaint. Refer to our Student Information and our Student Handbook page.

Consumer Protection Strategy 509 kB pdf

Consumer protection officer: Cliff Pacey, Principal, Macarthur Community College Inc, 9826 6455, principal@macarthurcc.com.au

State Training Services -Student and employer enquiries: Customer Support Centre, 1300 772 104

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