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Art Studio: Medley of Creativity NEW!!!

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$139.00 (GST included)
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Cartwright PS
Joanne Spinoglio
4 sessions of 3 hours
Thursday, 08 March 2018
Thursday, 29 March 2018

Creativity for everyone! This 4 session course welcomes absolutely all art admirers to participate in some experimental drawing, painting, personal expression, and friendly interaction! Jo has developed this course to allow you to experiment with some art styles and applications for enjoyment as well as creative know-how. Class focus will be easy paced for beginners new to creativity, yet superbly structured for those with knowledge wanting a class that is aimed at freestyle expression. Class topics will explore Colour Impact Painting, Amazing Optical Art, Achromatic Charcoal Works and Mixed Media Creations. This is a great precursor and/or post course to Jo's Art Studio evening Drawing Skills and Painting Skills courses and also her weekend workshops, or it can be simply attended on its own for absolute artistic enjoyment. This course can be attended as often as desired - subjects can be altered and upgraded for those returning for more artistic pleasure! Come along to meet some like-minded creators or bring a friend/family member/s to share in some fabulous group connection and amazing artwork. Creative expression with personality and exuberance... sign up and enjoy a medley of artistic experimentation at Jo's MCC Art Studio! Bring requirements listed on Confirmation/website. No concession.


*Amazing Optical Art

*Achromatic Charcoal Works

*Colour Impact Painting

*Mixed Media Creations

Tutor Profile/Personal Introduction:
I'm sure I must have been born with a pencil in my hand. I was told I could draw before I could walk or talk! My desire to draw, paint and design instinctively grew as I did. I followed my passion and formally studied Fine Arts, Commercial Art, Illustration, and Graphic Design. Happy days being a free spirited, quaintly eccentric art student! My progression into creative make-up came about with a love for make-up itself, my freaky fascination for Horror/Sci-Fi movies and admiration for the Theatre. My artistic learning continued, I studied Professional Make-up. With art tools in one hand and make-up tools in the other, I focused on freelance Illustration and Design, and Creative Make-up for Weddings, Fashion Shows, and Theatre Productions. Communication, mind and behaviour always had me captivated, and becoming a proud mum inspired me to hit the books again. I went on to study Psychology.

Teaching entered my world initially designing and conducting psych-infused art programs. Teaching took hold of my heart and I was pleasantly steered into tutoring college classes to share my knowledge and much loved skills. My studio structured classes are all about learning new skills and techniques, and also about the important process of discovering and developing individual abilities with freedom and guidance. I value and place emphasis on my class environment being relaxed and comfortable to make learning thoroughly enjoyable. All classes are composed to be super easy to follow and understand. Participants of all ages present their creative and expressive uniqueness, and are always friendly and enthusiastic. They even (kindly) laugh at my bad jokes! For me, teaching is a true pleasure. Jo.

*Course/Workshop Enquiries: Reach Jo via MCC or by email at: retroraspberrystudios@hotmail.com (emails answered promptly)


Tea/coffee available

SPECIAL NOTE: Session 1 will only require your Cartridge Sketch Pad, photocopy paper, lead pencils, coloured pencils, coloured markers/textas, fine tip black marker, erasers, ruler and sharpener. Other items will be discussed in first class and will be required in sessions 2, 3 and 4.

Drawing Tools:

*An A3 size Cartridge Sketch Pad or similar.
*Approx. 10 sheets of plain white photocopy paper (any type).
*A range of Lead Pencils (i.e. 2B, 3B, 4B, 6B).
*Coloured Pencils (any type).
*Coloured Markers/Textas (kids' textas are just fine!).
*A fine tip black marker pen (any type).
*Erasers: 1) A Regular Plastic eraser 2) A Soft Putty Eraser (soft like chewing gum!).
*A Ruler and Sharpener.
*Some Paper Stumps (also known as Tortillions or blenders).
*Some Charcoal Sticks (often known as Willow Charcoal).

Painting Tools:

*Acrylic Paints: Bring along your choice of colours including Black and White (available just about everywhere including art stores, department stores and even thrifty bargain shops!).
*A variety of brushes. No need to bring lots! Choose soft brushes.
*Canvas Boards: Bring along 4. Approx. 30x40cm or 40x50cm. (Can be found in art stores, thrifty bargain shops etc.).
*A couple of large plastic paint pallets or even some disposable white plastic picnic plates (must be white!)
*2 containers or cups for water.
*Some kitchen paper towel.
*A couple of small hand towels for clean ups.
*An apron if desired.
Included as part of Jo's Courses/Workshops, participants will receive:

*Essential notes and information/picture sheets to keep for future use.
*Issued with photo references and creative items used for in-class activities (where needed).
*Provided with a drawing/painting easel used during class (where needed).
*Be given individual one-on-one guidance and constructive feedback throughout class.
*Help is not over when class is over! Jo will be available for further help or assistance at any time after course/workshop is completed. Contact details will be available to participants at their discretion.

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