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Psychology Studio: Starting Life Over NEW!!!

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$40.00 (GST included)
Cartwright PS
Joanne Spinoglio
1 session of 3 hours
Thursday, 09 November 2017
Thursday, 09 November 2017

We've all been there... wanting/needing a fresh start to life. A new chapter, a clean slate. Your reason for a new start could be the end of a marriage/relationship, children growing up or leaving home, overcoming an accident or illness, losing someone precious, desiring a new job/career, searching for happiness and adventure etc. Whatever your reason, it will certainly have relevance and importance to you and will be the motivation and inspiration for seeking a fresh beginning. This class-session is about helping you determine your direction and evaluate ways in which your new life can be achieved - no matter how difficult it may initially appear. Baby steps lead to gigantic leaps! Just remember... when one life chapter ends, it is making way for brand new chapters to develop. Life is all about adaptation, growth and evolution. We are continuously being challenged to keep plodding along! Jo brings to this class-session her skills as a Professional Therapist, genuine compassion and guidance, as well as her own personal life experiences. Come along as a savvy soloist or bring a friend or two for moral support and to share in this class experience with you... all welcome. Jo is eager to chat and map things out with you. Your fresh new life chapter is out there waiting! No concession.


*Your motivation for "Starting Life Over".
*Determining Personal Direction and Desired Outcomes.
*Vehicle (You).
*Structured Path (Your Expedition).
*Destination (Your New Life Chapter).

Tutor Profile/Personal Introduction.
I’m sure I must have been born with a pencil in my hand. I was told I could draw before I could walk or talk! My desire to draw, paint and design instinctively grew as I did. I followed my passion and formally studied Fine Arts, Commercial Art, Illustration, and Graphic Design. Happy days being a free spirited, quaintly eccentric art student! My progression into creative make-up came about with a love for make-up itself, my freaky fascination for Horror/Sci-Fi movies and admiration for the Theatre. My artistic learning continued, I studied Professional Make-up. With art tools in one hand and make-up tools in the other, I focused on freelance Illustration and Design, and Creative Make-up for Weddings, Fashion Shows, and Theatre Productions. Communication, mind and behaviour always had me captivated, and becoming a proud mum inspired me to hit the books again. I went on to study Psychology.

Teaching entered my world initially designing and conducting psych-infused art programs. Teaching took hold of my heart and I was pleasantly steered into tutoring college classes to share my knowledge and much loved skills. My studio structured classes are all about learning new skills and techniques, and also about the important process of discovering and developing individual abilities with freedom and guidance. I value and place emphasis on my class environment being relaxed and comfortable to make learning thoroughly enjoyable. All classes are composed to be super easy to follow and understand. Participants of all ages present their creative and expressive uniqueness, and are always friendly and enthusiastic. They even (kindly) laugh at my bad jokes! For me, teaching is a true pleasure. Jo.

*Course/Workshop Enquiries: Reach Jo via MCC or by email at: retroraspberrystudios@hotmail.com (emails answered promptly)


Bring pen and notepad.

Included as part of Jo's Courses and Workshops participants will receive:

*Essential notes and information/picture sheets to keep for future use.
*Issued with photo references and creative items used for in-class activities (where needed).
*Provided with a drawing/painting easel used during class (where needed).
*Be given individual one-on-one guidance and constructive feedback throughout class.
*Help is not over when class is over! Jo will be available for further help or assistance at any time after course/workshop is completed. Contact details will be available to participants at their discretion.

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