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Photography: Coalcliff Sunrise

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$99.00 (GST included)
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Coalcliff Rock Pools
Neoklis Bloukos
1 session of 5 hours
Sunday, 19 November 2017
Sunday, 19 November 2017

Learn how to interpret light at twilight, dawn and sunrise. You will learn how to take photographs with a minimum amount of available light, correct set up, using a tripod properly, time exposures on auto and manual exposure modes and filtration using filters. Students will learn about landscape photography; Previsualisation, exposure, composition, negative space and depth of field from a professional photographer with 25 years of experience in press photography and over 42 years experience with camera and related photographic equipment.
Photographs taken during this field trip are suitable for my Digital Post Processing Course to be held on November 25 (http://www.macarthurcc.com.au/modules/details?ModuleID=WL4008-8). Meet at 4am sharp on Paterson Road, Coalcliff in front of Leeder Park (adjacent to Coalcliff Rock Pools). No concession.


Students will also receive links to filter tutorials and free legitimate software which will enable students to convert colour images to black and white, and also process raw and jpeg images, these links will be sent to students at the completion of the course (via email).

Programs offered are legitimate, current and free software, of which you will also be able to download on your own home PC / Laptop (please note; most software is available for recent Windows and Apple operating programs), a connection to the internet, and have access privileges to download and install software onto your PC, Laptop, Notebook or Surface tablet).
*Please note this does not include Android or Apple IOS (ipad etc).

Camera set up; Picture settings, ISO (film speed), white balance.

How to correctly install and use filters; neutral density and polarizing.

Keeping it sharp, level and steady.

How to interpret the light, how to do correct time exposures, using a tripod properly, photographing on both auto, and manual exposure modes.

Previsualization and landscape Photography.

Shallow and deep, depth of field.

Composition, framing, thirds, and negative space.

Post field trip debrief
Post Field trip debrief (last hour) the Photography Tutor will run a field trip debrief; assessment of students photographs as well as an open chat session to anything relating to photography, equipment or theory, at a local Cafe in Stanwell Park.

Skill level
This field trip is suitable for students, that have either completed a beginners and or DSLR and or intermediate photography course or similar and or whom have a thorough working knowledge of their camera, camera controls and their lens(es).


**Please note that due to inclement weather on 15 October this course has been postpoend to Sunday 19 November We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Essential Materials; Any adjustable digital DSLR, 4/3rds, mirrorless with RAW / JPEG image capability, adjustable iso / film speed settings and adjustable exposure settings; shutter, aperture and manual exposure ie S or TV, A or AV and M and adjustable picture settings and or styles.

A Tripod (the heavier the better due to long exposures and a cable release are essential as timing is crucial, (*releasing with the delayed timer on your camera is not recommended*).

You will need a set of graduated neutral density filters; I recommend the Cokin P250 graduated filter set with filter holder or similar, please note you will also need a Cokin adaptor ring to fit the Cokin filter holder on your lens(es).

A Cokin P series filter set will fit most lenses from a 48mm filter diameter up to an 82mm filter diameter.

see the Cokin download page for more info

Also if you have or can purchase a circular polarizing filter,
(I recommend buying one that fits your largest lens filter size, then use a step down ring to fit your other lenses).

If you have, a fixed or zoom fast aperture len(es) ie 50mm f1.4 / f1.8 / or a 35mm f2.0 or a 20mm 2.8, 16mm - 35mm f2.8 zoom etc would be of benefit, please bring it / them along too.

Please note; An extra battery and flash card are strongly advisable as you will be your using your camera for long exposures, and reviewing your photographs frequently, during this field trip.

Additional items
A torch, weatherproof jacket, bring warm clothing jumpers etc, an umbrella and or mini umbrella (light rain, proper footwear, walking / running shoes ie rubber soles are recommended for safety reasons, *no open shoes, no leather or smooth soles.

Please bring your own food and water, note pad and pen for this field trip.

This field trip will go ahead if raining

My mobile for this field trip if you need to find me is 0411 251 553

By car
Coalcliff meeting point
We will meet on Paterson Road, Coalcliff, in front of Leeder Park, Coalcliff (which is adjacent Coalcliff Rockpools).


Parking options on street only, there is no parking at the rock pools.

*Please check the parking signs before you leave your car

Please note; public transport is not available to arrive by start time

Please note; parking fines / parking fees / transport to and from / coffee / drinks / breakfast / lunch /morning tea are not included in cost of field trip.

The Palms Cafe - 111 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, Stanwell Park.

Photos by Neoklis Bloukos are for illustrative purposes only

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