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21st Century Parenting NEW!!!

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$55.00 (GST included)
Cartwright PS
Helena Vukas
1 session of 4.5 hours
Saturday, 07 October 2017
Saturday, 07 October 2017

Temper tantrums, behavioural and emotional challenges, arguments with parents, siblings or peers, issues with homework and school are some of the nightmares that parents have to deal with. This workshop will provide you insights into WHY those things happen at the first place and how they relate to New Age children - INDIGO, CRYSTAL and RAINBOW. You will acquire 21st Century parenting skills that you can incorporate in your parenting style to help your child overcome many emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties and unleash their future potential. Most importantly, your parenting nightmares and fears for your child’s future health and wellbeing will transform into a loving, understanding and supportive relationship. As a result, you will have more time for yourself and other things that you would love to do in life - which is something that many parents wait for a lifetime to happen. No concession.


1: What is behind New Age children Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow
2: What can I do to help my child overcome emotional and behavioural challenges?
3: Communication skills to develop strong, supportive and respectful relationship
4: Strategies that can be used to unleash kids’ purpose and potential.


Bring lunch (tea/coffee available), bottle of water, notebook and pen.

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